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It's All About That Brand

Branding is one of the most useful tools that any business has. The ability to shape a client’s perception, retain their interest and potentially gain their business all greatly relies on the brand you present.

Sometimes, a brand can even make front-page news, which happened recently when the Paris 2024 Olympics logo was revealed to be a flame that doubles as the face of a woman. (What do YOU think of this logo?)

Whether you want to make a big splash or opt for something more subtle, your brand has power. At Novus Creative, we love helping our clients define themselves with just the right images, words, colors and graphics so they can connect in a personal way to the people they’re trying to reach. Being true to yourself is the first step in reaching your goals.

Here are some tips for thinking about branding before you begin a conversation with us:

Know your strengths

Branding helps you stand out apart from your competitors. If your logo, slogan, and overall look and feel of your marketing material tap into your unique assets, you are already starting on the right foot. Your clients and customers will be drawn to you for all the right reasons. If you make a list of the top five things that make you special, we can help you find a way to present those strengths in an artful, tasteful, effective manner when it comes to your brand. One of our branding clients, Gayton Baptist Church, knew one of its strengths was brand recognition of its logo, but it needed to be updated to reflect the modern direction the church was taking. We were able to combine the new with the old and create this.

Know your style

When we start conversations with our clients about branding, we always ask them to look around and tell us what they like or don’t like about other brands. Start to think hard about what overall vibe you want. We can help you with the nitty gritty -- that’s our job! -- but it helps to have a jumping-off point. What colors, styles, tone do you like in imagery you notice around you? Do you want something floral and pastel? Do you want hard lines and primary colors? Make a list of adjectives to strive for: funky, playful, professional, minimalist, subdued, flashy. Sometimes you can find inspiration by just observing your surroundings. We’ve seen branding that’s based off an owner’s legendary beard or a favorite boat sculpture displayed in the company’s office. Whatever you want; we’ll make it work!

Know your audience

Who are your customers, both real and aspirational? What types of design, imagery, fonts and colors will they be drawn to? If they are hiring you for your expertise on something complicated, maybe a streamlined professional look will help send the message that you can simplify hard tasks for them. If they’re coming to you for support and community, maybe your brand needs to feel like a big hug. Ask yourself who your customers are and what they want from you, and we’ll find a way to reach the right people with the right first impression. Check out our recent rebrand for ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation that captures the heart of its kids, families, donors, staff and programs!

Know your goals

Finally, try to answer the question “What do I want to achieve with this brand?” Perhaps you are launching a new business and want to come out with a bang and get noticed. Perhaps you’re trying to freshen up an existing brand that needs a facelift after your business grew or changed (as we recently did with our own rebranding project, moving away from our original colors and logo and into a more grown-up look that matches our style better, now that we’re a more established agency.) Or maybe you have a new audience you’re trying to reach, and they respond to different types of designs and images. Whatever your reason for seeking branding advice, if you can define your goals, we can help you get there.

If this all seems a little overwhelming, have no fear. Part of our kick-off process is a 10-question online questionnaire that helps walk you through the important need-to-know information before we get started. Contact us today to learn about our branding packages. 


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